The term ‘parenting’ or ‘parent’ is not limited to biological parents but extends to any guardian or caregiver providing consistent care to the child. Those caregivers include fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, and other relatives, as well as child care providers who play a significant role in caring for infants and young children. Children engage with their parents and caregivers, and this engagement and relationship shape their development as they observe, imitate and emulate, as they are exposed to various opportunities, and as they interact physically, socially and emotionally with those around them. Parenting Education is skills to develop the child physically and psychologically. Every parent wants to know the best for their child once the baby is conceived. A comprehensive radio drama followed by radio talk-shows on parenting can support Nepali parents to improve their knowledge and skills to take better care of their children. Hence, Antenna Foundation Nepal (AFN) plans to provide radio journalists/producers with training on producing radio talk-show featuring parenting practices and skills correctly and ethically. This training is designed to equip radio journalists/producers with the skills and information they need to produce and broadcast interactive talk-show on parenting. The anticipated outcome of the training includes: 1) Journalists/producers have better skills to produce radio talk-shows. 2) Journalists/producers understand parenting education in Nepal. 3) Journalists/producers better communicate information that every parent wants to know the best for their children. The training methodology focuses on hands-on practice, linking everything back to the profession of journalism and the practices at work. And the training facilitators include talk-show trainers from the Antenna Foundation Nepal and thematic expert of parenting education from UNICEF Nepal. This training is expected to be participated by 7 radio journalists/producers from AFN partners radio stations which have been broadcasting radio drama series 'Rope Guna Fal' and 'Choncha Ke Khonta' on parenting education. Following the training partners radio stations will produce a weekly talk-show on parenting.

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