Training Dates: March 8, 2021 – March 25, 2021. Training Hours: The training will last a total of 40 hours (3hrs 15 mins everyday). Learning Methodology: The training will be conducted using online platforms like Nepal Radio Lab, Zoom. Total Number of Trainee Journalists: There are 36 participants out of whom 18 are men and 18 are women. This workshop cum training will capacitate journalists to write environmental stories to bring awareness about climate change in society. Ten participants will be provided fellowships and mentoring to produce human interest stories on climate change. Training Objectives: The overall objective of the training is to improve the capacity of local or regional journalists and other content producers to report on environmental and climate issues in an accurate and compelling way. Training Information:

Course Timeline:
This session was facilitated by Mr. Ramesh Bhusal.
This training was facilitated by Dr. Uttam Babu Shrestha.
This training was facilitated by Mr. Deepak Adhikari.
This training was facilitated by Ms. Bhrikuti Rai.
This training was facilitated by Ms. Dibya Devi Gurung.
This training was facilitated by Mr. Rajendra Dahal, Mr. Kiran Nepal and Ms. Subina Shrestha. The session aims to broaden the participant's outlook and insights on environmental reporting. It will also help understand elevator pitch, tagline, summary and treatment.
Each partcipants presented a 4 min pitch on their stories that they will use for the fellowship.
This training was facilitated by Mr. Mohan Mainali. The session will discuss an element of good storytelling such as geographical navigation, interviews, words, meaning and sentence and so on. The overall aim of the session is to revisit the elements of reporting and storytelling.
This training was facilitated by Mr. Mayank Aggarwal. This session aims to recognise the participant's roles as journalists and explore how we are connected and can influence the environment movement locally and globally. It will equip participants with tips, tools and resources to report on climate change.
This training was facilitated by Mr. Batu Uprety and Mr. Madhu Acharya. The session aims to give a deeper understanding of the current policies related to the environment in Nepal. It will also talk about the usage of data in journalism. The reliability of the data and its usage in writing stories will be discussed as well along with the process of survey.


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