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Nepal Radio Lab is an online learning platform useful for aspirant or working radio journalists to acquire job-related knowledge and skills. It consists of a diverse range of learning resources in the form of tailor-made e-courses, audiovisual learning materials and online tutorials fulfilling the learning needs of radio professionals. It also offers learning spaces through interaction with veteran radio professionals, peers and academics, trainers and subject matter experts. In addition, it comprises a rich collection of resource materials (e-books, guidelines, manuals and reading materials).

Primary target groups of this initiative are newcomers (Fresher) and early-career journalists who want to build on professional skills on radio program production and audio storytelling. Meanwhile working radio journalists, program producers and radio station managers are expected to benefit from the online learning platform.

E-learning is the form of technology-facilitated learning activity. Nepal Radio Lab is an example of e-learning which delivers learning materials through an online learning platform. Radio professionals can learn many things on diverse subject matters through tailor-made courses and learning materials virtually through this platform. This allows radio journalists to continue their learning conveniently from duty locations or even from home on their preferred time.

Learners simply need an internet-connected computer, laptop or any other hand-held devices such as mobile, tablets or iPads. It is always better to use headsets or earphones to ensure perfect hearing and also in-built microphone feature of such gadgets works fine if the learner wants to verbally participate in the live discussions or webinars. Nepal Radio Lab is currently available only in web version which will eventually be expanded to mobile applications. Nonetheless, automatic switching of the website into mobile viewing version is still available.

Any interested learners do not need to register for just browsing or surfing the website. However, registration (once at first) and log-in is required to enroll and uptake courses. Same is also necessary to participate in the discussion at learning forums and view or download learning materials.

Any interested learners are eligible to enroll for e-courses offered through Nepal Radio Lab platform. Registration and creation of learner’s profile at once in the beginning is the first step to proceed. Afterward, learners can log in by using the same username/email address and password to enroll for any available courses and uptake.

Yes, learners can enroll for one or more courses at one time. However, we suggest learners to start a new course only after completing the enrolled course.

Nepal Radio Lab is accessible without paying any charges. Likewise, uptake of e-course is absolutely free of cost. However, some webinar and live classes may require payment of course fee. Fee-related information can also be found on the course page.

Learners are requested to manage 2-3 hours per week to complete each module of a course. Depending upon the complexity of a subject matter, e-courses may have four to six modules.

All learners who complete course activities, assignments and quizzes are eligible to get an electronic certificate signed by the instructors upon the successful completion. Learners will get certificate automatically on their profile at the learning platform and also on their interlinked email address.

Course duration varies from course to course. It depends on which course are you up taking off, for e.g.; if you are interested in learning about the basic form of plain radio report, 8-10 hours might be sufficient. But if you are interested in taking a feature production course it may take 50 or 60 hours.

Yes, you may get scholarship. But it depends upon the available fund to provide scholarship. Otherwise, no.